Step 1   Life Activation

Activate Potential

Reduce Stress

Awaken Spiritual Gifts

Increase Intuition

Strengthen Immune System

Balance and Peace

The Life Activation, a profound Healing Modality in the Modern Mystery School that awakens your dormant DNA, your Divine Blueprint,  is the first  step on the Path of Progression.  Within each of us exists a Divine Blueprint, our Physical and Spiritual DNA.  This blueprint holds the keys to our potential,  spiritual gifts and our unique purpose.  This essence, once unlocked, opens new doorways and pathways in our lives.

This Ancient Healing Modality lights up your aura, heightens your intuition, boosts your innate abilities and opens access to your higher potential.  It infuses your body with pure Light, making its way through blocks, issues and weaknesses bringing empowerment.  It assists with stress reduction and facilitates moving past barriers and achieving breakthroughs.  Imagine how much more you can accomplish by tapping into this potential.  Benefits of this session include: increased intuition, opening the mind to new ideas, strengthened immune system, more energy and clarity. 

It brings an incredible amount of balance and peace, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.  This is truly an empowering experience that allows new doorways and paths to open up in your life. 

 Life Activation Session: $250  1 and 1/2 hour session- Includes full energy balancing, Life Activation and set of Vibrational Elixirs