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The Modern Mystery School, located in over 55 countries is dedicated to bringing the ancient mystery school teachings from the lineage of King Salomon to the public. For over 3000 years these ancient teachings and the sacred tool of initiation have been a source of empowerment and spiritual awakening.


The ancient tool of initiation awakens dormant energy, brings heightened awareness,  opens up spiritual gifts and inituition, and increases one's connection to individual purpose and individuality.

Initiation speeds the  path of spiritual progression allowing one to make positive changes in their life through growth and transformaton. 


The Modern Mystery School brings back this ancient way of Initiation, opening up the sacred lineage and teachings to the public.  The Modern Mystery School has been likened to the "university of the soul" where the curriculum is focused on awakening one's innate gifts, attaining the highest potential, opening the mind to new pathways and creating new doorways in life.  Through this expanded awareness, bridging the spiritual and the physical,  one can manifest and create a magickal life and new reality.


Serenity Healing and Wellness is an affiliated Light Center of the Modern Mystery School.  Click on the link below for more information.

Step 2   Initiation

"Know Thyself"




Initiation is a sacred process of anchoring power and Light into one's life to accelerate Spiritual growth and transformation.  It brings empowerment, awareness and opens doorways to new beginnings.  The Path of Initiation in the Modern Mystery School uncovers potential, awakens innate gifts and fuels you with the power and Light to propel you forward to your greatness.            

For over 3000 years the sacred Ancient teachings and  process of Initiation have been a source of empowerment and spiritual awakening.  The Modern Mystery School brings  back this ancient way of Initiation, opening up the sacred lineage and teachings to all those who seek self-knowledge and deeper connection to purpose.  

The Modern Mystery School is the only true unbroken lineage Mystery School on the planet which is open to the public.  The doors are open to walk the Path of Initiation which has furthered even the great Masters who have walked the Earth.  

If you are willing to commit to your process of self healing and to the Great Work and your soul is calling out for more, then the Path of Initiation can offer you an alchemical process of transformation.  If you desire change and seek a life of self-knowledge, empowerment and joy, you have found the tools and teachings that are keys to unlocking that potential. 

Empower Thyself Program Details

The 2-Day Empower Thyself program is taught by a Certified MMS Guide


Benefits of the  Empower Thyself Program and Initiation:

-Handing down of proven tools that Initiates have used for millenia to uncover their potential

-Greater awareness, intuitive connection and inner access to guidance

-More Light energy to utilize which brings more balance and productivity in every aspect of    your life

-Deeper understanding of how the universe works, the Physical and Spiritual Dimensions

-Learn how to grow your Chi and protect your energy field

 Pre-requisite:  Life Activation Session

 Investment:  $1200