The Modern Mystery School

 The Modern Mystery School in the Lineage of King Salomon, the only true lineage Mystery School that is open to the public, is dedicated to creating World Peace through healing, service and empowerment. Through the Path of Initiation in the Modern  Mystery School, sacred teachings and tools are handed down in an unbroken lineage, paving the way for personal transformation  and enlightenment.  Each step on the path is a personal journey to Higher levels of consciousness and awareness.

The Founder of the Modern Mystery School,  Founder Gudni Gudnason, opened the school to the public in 1997.  This opened the Path of Initiation to all seekers, which was once by invitation only.  Founder Gudni, holding the keys for this sacred lineage, initiated a growth that expanded to over 55 countries.  He continuously works to fulfill the MMS mission of World Peace and is an example of truly living a life of joy and Magick.

In 2017, 20 years after Founder Gudni opened the doors of the Modern Mystery School to the public and with the tremendous growth of the  school Internationally in over 55 countries, the keys of the Lineage were shared with Ipsissimus Thor Dave Lanyon and Ipsissimus Hideto Rei  Nakagome, creating the Third Order of Lineage Holders in the Modern Mystery School. 

Founder Gudni pic.jpg