Accelerating Change in 2017...Activation and Initiation

New Year! New Beginnings! We see and hear this often at the start of the New Year. It is a time of writing New Year's resolutions....What would we like to transform and change? What would we like to create and manifest for the New Year? It's exciting to have a fresh start and create a new slate for the year. But how do we expand and build? How do we fully step into our authentic self, break the cycles and truly live our purpose?

Within each of us exists a Divine Blueprint, our Physical and Spiritual DNA. This blueprint holds the keys to our potential, spiritual gifts and our unique purpose. This essence, once unlocked, opens new doorways and pathways in our lives. It redirects us to our divine purpose, and our outer world shifts to the new space we are holding.

How do we unlock this energy and flow in alignment with who we truly are? We have available to us an Ancient Healing Modality in the Modern Mystery School, dating back over 3000 years which awakens and ignites the DNA patterns within us to heighten and expand our consciousness. This modality, called the Life Activation is an empowerment that infuses pure Light into our very core essence. It enables us to utilize and awaken the 90 percent of our dormant DNA and brain capacity. Imagine how much more energy and possiblities would be available to you!

The Life Activation has many benefits including strengthened immune system, more energy and clarity, opens the mind to new ideas and pathways, increased intuition and much more!

So the Life Activation brings in the Light...Initiation then amplifies that Light in our lives propelling us forward. What is Initiation?

Initiation is a sacred process of anchoring in power and light into one's life to accelerate Spiritual growth and transformation. It brings empowerment, awareness and opens doorways and possibilities for new beginnings. The path of initiation in the Modern Mystery School uncovers potential, awakens innate gifts and fuels us with power and Light to propel us forward to our greatness. It is a journey of self-healing and discovery , that leads us to our true purpose with joy and passion!

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