Modern Medicine and Ancient Wisdom...Bridging the Gap

Modern Medicine and Ancient Wisdom...Bridging the Gap

Millions of people are taking prescription medications for various conditions- migraines, allergies, blood pressure, diabetes- you name the disease there is a prescription for it. Medications are certainly helping many people, but what if we added to the prescription a Whole Body approach to wellness? Whole Body here is defined as the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves. Prescription medication serves a purpose, but what if we add to that prescription- healing at a deep core level that reaches the core issue attributing to the illness?

I chose to become a Professional Registered Pharmacist because I had a desire to help people. Even at a young age I can remember feeling an inner calling to connect and help people. I just didn't know how that desire would evolve and what magickal path would unfold for me to step on.

I worked as a Registered Pharmacist for several years and I felt that there had to be something more to add to the “prescription” for health to compliment the medicine. It was just around this time that I experienced a tremendous personal tragedy in my life that left me seeking deeper energetic and spiritual healing. I tried numerous techniques and healings that scratched the surface. It wasn't until I found the Ancient Healings and tools from a Sacred Lineage over 8000 years old, that I truly experienced core healing and deeper spiritual progression. I realized this was the missing piece I had been looking for and this led me on my journey to not only practice as a Professional Pharmacist, but to become a Certified Guide and Healer in the Modern Mystery School. This gave me the opportunity to offer these healings and tools to others as a compliment to the medicine, offering a complete Whole Body “Prescription”.

Disease and illness do not just "happen" overnight

In many cases it can take years, sometimes even decades for a physical disease to manifest and reveal itself in the physical body. Of course we need to take care of the physical body with proper diet, exercise, supplements and anything that supports the physical body and its healing. But we are more than just this physical body. We have many energy structures that we can bring Light and healing to and thus assist in our physical healing.

Lets take a look at how healing core issues can compliment medicine. Allergy season can be extremely difficult for some people. As soon as allergy season hits and pollen levels rise, people are heading to the pharmacy for medications. There are many medications that alleviate the symptoms to help people to get through the season, but what about not just getting through the season? What if we take a Whole Body Approach to treating the cause of the allergy – diet and environment of course all play a role. How about looking at the energetic state? Imbalances in our energy systems can certainly play a role in physical issues. Allergies can make us feel irritable, lacking energy, even angry. Many emotions can come up when we are not feeling 100 percent.

This is where looking at and healing the core issues that affect every aspect of our system- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual- can really help to balance treatment. Of course medication can help the symptoms so we feel better, but getting to the root cause and bringing Light to where we need to heal at a deep level, can really shift our energy both physically and energetically.

As a Guide and Healer in the Modern Mystery School, I have seen the benefits of these Ancient Healings and tools and how they compliment modern medicine to elevate our conciousness and physical state of being. The Ancient Lineage brings with it core healing and the path of Initiation which gives us more choice in our lives and opens the doors to new beginnings. This begins our journey of self discovery, uncovering our true potential, unlocking keys to Magickal living and the healing power of the body.

We are fortunate today in the Modern World of Science and Technology to have Ancient Lineage Healings and tools dating back over 8000 years. This allows for a “Whole Body Prescription” approach to our healing bridging the gap between Modern Day Medicine and Ancient Healings and Wisdom.

About the Author

Karen Lewandowski RPH, Guide and Healer in the Modern Mystery School

She has studied and trained in the beautiful Ancient Lineage for several years and is located in Whitehouse Station, NJ where she offers the Ancient Healings and teachings that awaken and expand consciousness, unleash dormant potential and accelerate personal healing. You can contact her via email at or via the web at

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